Extracting fieldnames and values from a struct and converting to strings

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I have a struct containing information from a camera configuration (using imaq)
currentConfiguration =
struct with fields:
TriggerType: 'manual'
TriggerCondition: 'none'
TriggerSource: 'none'
I would like to append all the fields to a UITextArea hence need to extract all the fields as strings. I have tried the following:
str=sprintf('%s\t', currentConfiguration(1:end));
ReportMessage(app,str); %This is my function to append to a UITextArea
But I get the message
'Error using sprintf
Function is not defined for 'struct' inputs.
How do I get the field name and its value all as one string, and for all fields.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Dec 2020
strjoin(cellfun(@(N,V) N+"="+V, fieldnames(currentConfiguration), struct2cell(currentConfiguration), 'uniform', 0), '\t')

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