compacting a large number of plot lines

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func0=@(x) 5/3*cosd(0)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi0 valf]=fzero(func0,0);
func20=@(x) 5/3*cosd(20)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi20 valf]=fzero(func20,20);
func40=@(x) 5/3*cosd(40)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi40 valf]=fzero(func40,40);
func60=@(x) 5/3*cosd(60)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi60 valf]=fzero(func60,60);
func80=@(x) 5/3*cosd(80)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi80 valf]=fzero(func80,80);
func100=@(x) 5/3*cosd(100)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
[phi100 valf]=fzero(func40,100);
plot([0 20 40 60 80 100],[phi0 phi20 phi40 phi60 phi80 phi100]);grid on;
all functioning ,but how can i do this from 0 to 360 degrees without having to write a large number of lines ?

Accepted Answer

Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 16 Dec 2020
ind = 1;
angleValues = 0:20:360; % Modify angle values as per your requirement
phiValues = zeros(1, numel(angleValues));
for idx = angleValues
func = @(x) 5/3*cosd(idx)-5/2*cosd(x)+11/6-cosd(40-x);
phiValues(ind) = fzero(func, idx);
ind = ind+1;
plot(angleValues, phiValues)
grid on
Opariuc Andrei
Opariuc Andrei on 17 Dec 2020
tried that too after i posted here second time ,it's just that the graph seemed a little fishy to me when i tried a 1 degree step .

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