Matlab Apppdesigner Constellation Diagram

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Godswill Tabag
Godswill Tabag on 16 Dec 2020
Answered: Monisha Nalluru on 16 Mar 2021
I recently started to use MATLAB's Appdesigner and I want to display a signal's constellation diagram on the Axes with a push of a button but I have no idea how.
Below is the code I used for 8-QAM and scatterplot doesn't seem to work.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.
% Button pushed function: QAMButton
function QAMButtonPushed(app, event)
xsym = bi2de(reshape(x,k,length(x)/k).','left-msb');
switch app.ButtonGroup.SelectedObject.Text
case 'Waveform'
case 'Phasor'
case 'Constellation'

Answers (1)

Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 16 Mar 2021
This is already a known issue. scatterplot does not support passing of Axes or UIAxes object as an input.
Concerned people are already aware of it and it might be considered in the future releases of MATLAB.

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