Sending data securely, through thingspeak

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Dear all,
We want to send data in a safety way, through thingspeak. We have the following question: does thinkspeak implement some kind of data security? When sending data through thingspeak, is there any method that allows you to send the data in a secure way, that is to say that an encryption and decryption of the data is carried out?

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Vinod on 15 Dec 2020
ThingSpeak API servers support secure HTTPS and MQTT connections between devices and ThingSpeak. If you are looking for examples of secure connectivity, here's an example that shows you how to send data to mulitple fields of a ThingSpeak channel using a HTTPS connection. It makes use of the ThingSpeak library which is available for free on GitHub and directly installable into the Arduino IDE.

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Andrés Ruiz
Andrés Ruiz on 13 Jan 2021
Related to the previous question, I have the concern if it is possible to implement the thinkspeak libraries in an android APP application, to be used with a smartphone, for sending the data in a secure way. Thank you for your answers.


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