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Unkown error in stateflow simulink

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Hey all!!
I am trying to simulate railway traffic signal having 2 platforms. I am encountering an error which I am not able to understand.
Kindly someone please help me build this model. Please reply if you are not able to understand my symbols.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 12 Dec 2020
It looks like you are attempting to access P1 and P2 in multiple state machines. You have defined P1 and P2 as global variables in your statecharts. YOu need to add a global Data Store Memory in the Simulink model for P1 and P2 that the statecharts can access.
Mrudul Agrawal
Mrudul Agrawal on 14 Dec 2020
Thanks Mark
My model is working now but not upto the mark. I want the train should go to platform 2 when platform 1 is occupied and vice versa but it is occupying only 1 platform at a time. Can you please help me with this??
I am attaching the updated copy of the model

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