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Importing text from Excel sheets

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Shawn on 21 Mar 2013
I've been working on a script to take an excel workbook, and import text from each sheet. The cell I am importing from in each sheet is the same, so I decided to use a loop; however, the loop's output variable only contains the first designated cell from the last designated sheet and nothing more.
for i=1:3
The 'text' variable, which I am trying to get containing all the cells I need, will end up being a 1x1 cell.
I have tried going through the loop and writing to a text while within the loop, but I am unaware on how to use a "fprintf" command for cell arrays.
In short, what I am trying to do is create a variable of some sort containing the text from multiple cells from multiple sheets, which I can then export to a text document. Any help with absolutely any of this would be incredibly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 21 Mar 2013
Here's an example on how to use fprintf with cells:
C{1} = sprintf('Hello\n');
c = {'A','B','C';1,2,3};
C{2} = sprintf('%s\t%d\n',c{:});
s = char(C)

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