applying functions to patches of an image then reassembling

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hi there, sorry I am new to matlab
I have matrix size 600x1000 that is an image. I want to apply a function to each 51x51 patch of this image so that I gain 1 output from every patch then but them back into a 2D matrix where the outputs represent the position of the 51x51 patch within the image to make a plot.
thanks for your help
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cameron lord
cameron lord on 2 Dec 2020
cropped_im=im(1:561, 1:969);
imc_patch=mat2tiles(cropped_im,[51 51]);
for i=1:11
for j=1:19
this is currently what I am using

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 4 Dec 2020
Hi Cameron,
You may look into this question, it is doing the same what you wanted:
Hope This Helps!

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