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Apollo Capsule 3D Model

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Fredrick_jong on 13 Mar 2013
I am trying to model the Apollo Space capsule as a 3D shape in MATLAB but I am unsure of how to even begin doing so. If any one could possibly point me in the right direction, that would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

ChristianW on 13 Mar 2013
doc patch
Depending on your model complexity, you could use 3D CAD software and save as *.stl. There's a function called rndread, converting stl to patch input.
resh on 18 Mar 2013
Thank you. That looks very much like what I am expecting it to. I have a question. How did you approximate those values to get a shape as such? If you let me know the method that you used, then I could approximate the values for myself. Thanks once again.
ChristianW on 18 Mar 2013
I made the shape with ginput and polyfit, but thats fast and dirty.
axes; disp('Define shape with 20 Mouseclicks or press Return.')
[x,y] = ginput(20);
plot(x,y,'.k'), hold on
p = polyfit(x,y,6);
X = linspace(0,1,100);
Y = polyval(p,X); % roots(p) for the Polynomial roots
plot(X,Y,'r'); axis([0 1 0 1])
As I said, you should use the exact profile form. That is like a big circle than a small circle, a straight line and a small circle. At each transition the gradients are the same.

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