How can I save matrix to .txt file?

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I have numerical matrix size of 64*60 and I like to save it to .txt file. How can I do it as easy as possible? without repeating %d with fprintf?

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 13 Mar 2013
Edited: Friedrich on 13 Mar 2013
use dlmwrite
a = rand(64,60);
Aravind Rao Karanam
Aravind Rao Karanam on 8 Jan 2022
dlmwrite is not recommended anymore. Use writematrix
a = rand(64,60);
writematrix(a, 'filename.txt')

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More Answers (2)

Sudhir Rai
Sudhir Rai on 17 Nov 2020
Use this to get perfect matrix in .txt
X = rand(64,60)
save ('filename.txt', 'X', '-ascii')

Almuthana Alharbi
Almuthana Alharbi on 11 Apr 2018


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