How to get eigenvector matrix from a displacement matrix

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Hi to everyone.
I have a matrix 32958x6. The first three columns are the coordinate X, Y and Z of nodes of my structure, the columns 4, 5 and 6 are the displacements of the latter along the X, Y and Z axes. I got this matrix from .csv file coming from SiemensNX.
Starting from the displaement, it is possible to obtain the eigenvector matrix?

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 30 Nov 2020
Hi Giacomo,
Here you have given a non square matrix and the eigenvector is obtained for square matrices only. You may obtain the singular values of the matrix. For this you have to find the eigen values of A'A(A transpose A) by using eig function.
Hope this Helps


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