Need to write a code for this method....

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Hi Everyone,
I need to write a code for the following method.I want to compute 10log s(t1)/s(1)
t1=1,2,3...,N (second)while the data (both s and t)are in one minute.
s t
0.05 4.7
0.1 4.8
0.2 4.9
0.1 4.10
0.3 4.11
Could you please guide me?
Ara on 6 Mar 2013
No, S is column data which all represent as an integer value. If SI=10logs(t1)/s(1) I want to plot (t,SI)in second. s(t1)denote value s in the first minute. It means s computed in minutes and I want to compute SI while should be calculate in second.So the question is how can I write a code to compute SI. As I assume t1=4.7 is first minutes that S(1)=0.05 for first point then SI=10log(s/0.05)in dB. T just used for plot so I guess the value of s should change and convert to second, right?

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Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 6 Mar 2013
Since your explanations feel like a puzzle, whats wrong with this?
N = 60; % or N = length(t)
t1 = 1:N; %[sec] timesteps
s = rand(1,N+100); %[any unit] generate random data s
SI = 10*log10(s(t1)/s(1)); %[dB]
plot(t1,SI); xlabel('time [sec]'); ylabel('SI [dB]')
Ara on 11 Mar 2013
Edited: Ara on 11 Mar 2013
Thanks, Christian. Your code works properly for the other types of my data. Sorry for the late response.

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