why my change on edit value (text) command doesnt work

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i have a problem when i want try to change the edit field value using if it seem doesnt work.
if bbox==Bug(i)
app.EditField.Value = 'there is a pet';
elseif box==bug(detectedImg)
app.EditField.Value = 'there is a pet';
app.EditField.Value = 'there isno pet';
i have attach the file too, because it show an error message and wont even let me run the program

Answers (1)

Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 26 Nov 2020
Hi Timothy
The code you have attached has 2 main errors due to which the app is not running and is giving errors.
  1. There is an extra end keyword after the if-elseif-else-end code.
  2. if bbox == Bug(i), here i should be capital.
Hope this helps.


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