Matlab extract a specified number of features?

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Using the extractFeatures function:
[features1, valid_points1] = extractFeatures(I1, points1);
How can we change it so that the length of features 1 is the same as the length of points1?
E.g. if points1 are 27 coordinates how do we ensure features1 is 27 features?
Thanks in advance : )
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Vigneshwaran B
Vigneshwaran B on 25 Feb 2022
How can extract two distinct features like food features and ingredients from the given input image?

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 27 Nov 2020
Hi Animesh,
You do not have to change the function, extractFeatures function is taking points as input which is M-by-2 matrix of [x,y] coordinates and output features is an M-by-N matrix of M feature vectors.
For further information you may refer to the documentation page of extract features:
Hope this Helps!

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