coherent point drift algorithm for point cloud registration input data

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what is fixed and moving point cloud data that is used in support for CPD. how to get the coordinate vales for moving point cloud using lidar?

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 28 Nov 2020
Hi Aadithya,
Here Moving Point Cloud refers to a transformation of fixed Point Cloud.
For example a Point Cloud is rotating. So, at time = 0 can be considered fixed Point Cloud and Point Cloud at time = 1 is considered as moving Point Cloud.
pcregistercpd function takes both point clouds and returns a 3-D transformation that registers the moving point cloud to the fixed point cloud.
For further information you can refer to the following documentation:
Hop this Helps!
Aadithya Iyer
Aadithya Iyer on 28 Nov 2020
Hey Shubham,
Thanks a lot for the reply, trying to understand what you replied. I have scans of LIDAR with me.
This is a scan file of my room I am reading in Matlab:
I am getting 120 point cloud data per scan using the LIDAR. Then I moved an object in my room and scanned the room again.
My question is which data to be compared as fixed and moving in this CPD algortihm, I have two sets of point cloud datas with me, one set with everything fixed and other with an object moving.
Thank you,
Aadithya Iyer
Aadithya Iyer on 28 Nov 2020
Can I just get one point cloud or one set of points per scan cause having 120 sets I am not sure which one to use. They all look same.

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