How can I calculate the angle between two points and camera?

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I'm beginner in Matlab and I have to do a project that calculates the angle between 2 points. I'll try to describe it: I have a table that in one corner I have a camera. In the same horizontal line I put one object (or a reference point), let's say it is 0 degrees. Now, I put another object somewhere in the middle of the table and I want that Matlab ill calculate the the angle between them like is it 2D. Also if I can and the object is in the view sight of the camera I want that it will calculate the 2 angles. The natural angle of the camera is 55 degrees.
10X, Itay

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 2 Mar 2013
  1. Image segmentation to find the object. The method depends on your image (object ,background,etc ), simplest one, might be im2bw().
  2. regionprops(..., 'Centroid') to get the center Position for the Obj.
  3. normalized xPosition corresponds to your angle. Eg Object is at 20% of the image xaxis than your angle is 0.2*55° = 11°.

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