Cumulative sum for a vector

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Teemu on 2 Mar 2013
I have vector 1x5 (1,5,3,2,8) and I like to do cumulative sum of that. So the answer should seems like (6,9,11,19). Can you help me how to do it without loop?

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 2 Mar 2013
Edited: Wayne King on 2 Mar 2013
x = [1,5,3,2,8];
but the first element is 1, not 6 as you have indicated. Of course, if you don't want that first element, you can do:
x = [1,5,3,2,8];
y = cumsum(x);
y = y(2:end);
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Teemu on 2 Mar 2013
Thanks, it was simple solution!

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