how to convert jpeg images to pgm format...can someone help

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this is my code
prompt={'compare'}; title='IMAGE INPUT'; ans=inputdlg(prompt,title); if ~isempty(ans{1}) r1 = str2num(ans{1}); if isempty(r1) ri =round (400*rand(1,1)); end end
r=w(:,r1); v=w(:,[1:r1-1 r1+1:end]); N=20; O=uint8(ones(1,size(v,2))); m=uint8(mean(v,2)); vzm=v-uint8(single(m)*single(O)); L=single(vzm)'*single(vzm); [V,D]=eig(L); V=single(vzm)*V; V=V(:,end:-1:end-(N-1));
cv=zeros(size(v,2),N); for i=1:size(v,2); cv(i,:)=single(vzm(:,i))'*V; end
subplot(121); imshow(reshape(r,112,92)); title('Looking for ...','FontWeight','bold','Fontsize',16,'color','red');
subplot(122); p=r-m; s=single(p)'*V; z=[]; for i=1:size(v,2) z=[z,norm(cv(i,:)-s,2)]; if(rem(i,20)==0),imshow(reshape(v(:,i),112,92)),end; drawnow; end
[a,i]=min(z); subplot(122); imshow(reshape(v(:,i),112,92));title('Found!','FontWeight','bold','Fontsize',16,'color','red');

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 1 Mar 2013
X = imread('ngc6543a.jpg');

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