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Generate signal using rectpulse

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Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez on 20 Nov 2020
Commented: Carlos Pérez on 20 Nov 2020
Hello everybody,
I want to generate a pulse signal using a function included in the signal toolbox 'rectpulse'
Ts = 1/20
t = -10:Ts:(20-Ts);
A = 8
sign1 = rectpulse(t,A)
By doing that, I can not plot it because t and sign1 have different size.
Can someone help me in order that they have the same size?


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Accepted Answer

VBBV on 20 Nov 2020
%if true
sign1 = rectpuls(t,A)
Use the rectpuls function to plot

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Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez on 20 Nov 2020
Is there similar function to rectpuls, but in order to obtain Nyquist pulses in function of parameter betha?

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