In a while loop, I have to calculate S (net cash of an insurance company) depending on which events (E1, E2 or E3) happens first. I tried the following code, but its not working. Maybe someone can help me ...

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Simon Drolet
Simon Drolet on 18 Nov 2020
Commented: Simon Drolet on 23 Nov 2020
lambda =...
T =..
while (temps < T)
E1 = exprnd(1/(lambda*n));
E2 = exprnd(1/mu);
E3 = exprnd(1/(nu*n));
A = [E1, E2, E3];
if (min(A) = E1)
temps = temps + E1;
if (temps < T)
S = ......
temps = temps + E2;
if (temps < T)
S = .......
temps = temps + E3;
if (temps < T)
n(i) = ..........
S = ......

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Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 23 Nov 2020
Edited: Alan Moses on 23 Nov 2020
There seems to be few syntax errors in the code. You can use multiple elseif block under the if block but only a single else block. The variables ‘n’ and ‘S’ are being used as scalars and hence indexing into those variables may throw an error.

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