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delete zero elements from vector

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I have k (1,600) size, it contain zeros at 451-600 elements.
I want to delete these zero elements. At the end of this vector i want to add two elements with value equal to the last element .
thank you in advance


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Accepted Answer

Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 18 Nov 2020
k = nonzeros(k);
k(end+1:end+2) = k(end)

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zina shadidi
zina shadidi on 18 Nov 2020
Thanks alot Stephen Cobeldick ;
its work with the vector. please let me ask you if I have an (n by m ) matrix how can i grow it ,
I have an array of (452x 6) and i want to make it grow by adding 2 column

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Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
You can use:
k(k==0) = [];
k(length(k)+1:length(k)+2) = k(1,length(k));

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zina shadidi
zina shadidi on 18 Nov 2020
thank you very much Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones

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