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I need help setting my formula in a loop

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I am having trouble setting this formula into my code and in my loop.
fs = 1000; % Hz
t = [1/fs:1/fs:length(COPNET_x)/fs];
n = length(COPNET_x);
%% Analyze data
COPNET_x = data_grf(:,11);
COPNET_z = data_grf(:,13);
GRFNET_x = data_grf(:,5);
GRFNET_y = data_grf(:,7);
Rx = max(COPNET_x)- min(COPNET_x); %sway range in AP
Rz = max(COPNET_z)-min(COPNET_z); % sway range in ML
for i = 1:n
Vel_AP = sum(abs(COPNET_x(i) - COPNET_x(i-1))/t)/n;

Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 17 Nov 2020
No loop is necessary for the equation
sum(abs(diff(AP)).*fs)/length(AP);% it appears that 1/deltaT = fs
David Hill
David Hill on 17 Nov 2020
%I am assuming this is what you want. Your equation seems to be missing some parentheses.

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