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darkest pixel in image

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nagini on 26 Feb 2013
i want to get the darkest pixel in an image. the histogram represents the tonal distributions. the pixels that are darkest of all will be at the first line in histogram. how to get the pixels values that are in the darkest gray levels from an histogram. Please anybody help me.

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 26 Feb 2013
X = rand(100);
[C,I] = min(X(:));

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Tijmen on 26 Feb 2013
If you only have a gray-value image, then the following command will suffice:
darkestPixelValue = min(image(:));
If you have a color image, you first need to convert it to gray-values:
imageGray = im2gray(image);
darkestPixelValue = min(imageGray(:));
If you also would like to find the indices of the pixels in the image, you can use the following command:
[rowVal, colVal] = find(image == darkestPixelValue);
This returns an array of row- and column values corresponding to points at which the pixels are darkest.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Feb 2013
Right, just remember not to use "image" as the name of your variable. Call it rgbImage or something so you don't blow away the built in image() function.

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