How to merge digits from a step signal into a single number(Simulink)?

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Hi, i have the following simulink model, i want to send values to my PIC microcontroller, do some calculations in mikroPascal and send it back to Simulink.
I receive the digits of the number (1 digit= 1 byte) one after another, it looks like a step signal in the scope. Example:
The question is, how can i do this algorithm:
{i want to concatenate the digits, so number = 123456789}
with Simulink blocks? The biggest problem is that i can't tell simulink to take a sample every 0.01s(that's the period between the digits of the output number) and use the value as the digit parameter in a function which does the same as the equation above. Any ideas? Thanks, and sorry for the big pics

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 26 Feb 2013
"User-Defined Functions" is an option.
As another possibility (among many) you can take "Triggered Subsystems", with the trigger >is digit changed< (implemented eg. with memory and logical ~= block).

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