fscanf question with Arduino

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Darryl on 24 Feb 2013
Answered: Kristian Cvetkov on 12 Nov 2017
I need to know how I can control the amount of Serial.println(variable_1) methods that get read during the fscanf() execution.
This is the code:
arduino = serial('COM4');
x = 1:1:60;
for i=1:length(x)
y(i) = fscanf(arduino, '%d');
% Plot data from arduino
If my Arduino sketch has multiple Serial.println() it seems to combine the variables within the Serial statements in the same vector. Is it possible for them to be separated?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Feb 2013
fscanf(arduino, '%d', 1);
Darryl on 25 Feb 2013
Thank you very much indeed. Much appreciated, will try that tomorrow.

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Kristian Cvetkov
Kristian Cvetkov on 12 Nov 2017
How I can write data on my Arduino, after I read them in Matlab?

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