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Pacing option not active in external mode

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Hossein Rezazadeh
Hossein Rezazadeh on 11 Nov 2020
Edited: Hossein Rezazadeh on 15 Nov 2020
I am trying to run Simulink on rasperry PI with a slower pace. this is possible on normal mode using pacing option but it is not possible in external mode. The simulink coder support package for ARM Cortex based VEX microcontrollers also does not work in external mode. any idea ?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 14 Nov 2020
When running external mode, the code from the Simulink model is running in real-time using target OS timers/threads. It is not possible to have this code run slower/faster than real-time. One way you could accomplish this would be to change the change the fixed step size to a larger number. For example, if the fixed step size is currently set to 0.1 sec, if you change to be 1.0 sec, the code would run 10 times slower on the embedded processor.
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Hossein Rezazadeh
Hossein Rezazadeh on 15 Nov 2020
Then if I have already tunned some PID controllers in my model I should change all tunning factors as well by dividing them by 10 in this example. would that gaurantee a correct performance of the controllers then ?

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