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Need Help for set Path

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Abdullah on 20 Feb 2013
Hello... i have problem with setting path... I set path then i faced this error
| MATLAB cannot save changes to the path.
The path file, pathdef.m, might be read-only or might be in a directory for which you do not have write access.
You can save pathdef.m to a different location. In order for MATLAB to use that pathdef.m in future sessions, you need to save it in your MATLAB startup directory (the direcotry from which you start MATLAB).
Would you like to save pathdef.m to another location? |
So I click yes and save in in the start up directory and it just sends me the same message again. then i clicked save then now when i want to run the enframe.m and i already set the path for the subfolder but the program show me like it cannot locate the file....


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2013
Are you using MS Windows 7 or 8? If so then after MATLAB starts up, please show the result of


Abdullah on 20 Feb 2013
I user windows 7 and matlab 2009a
The problem i already make set path the folder and the sub-folder but when i run the code, the matlab give error to enform.m which is on of the contains of the folder...
Jan on 20 Feb 2013
Walter asked to post the reply of cd directly after starting Matlab. Please answer his question.
Does the Matlab path contain the wanted folder or not? Type path in the command window to check this. Perhaps any typos? Or are you not able to save the pathdef.m file in the startup folder? Do you have write permissions to this folder and which folder is it?

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