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Simulink repeated operations (for loop)

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Marco Asperti
Marco Asperti on 7 Nov 2020
Commented: Marco Asperti on 7 Nov 2020
Hi everyone,
I would like to implement in Simulink (at each time step) the following operation to orthonormalize a matrix A with an iterative method.
Starting from matrix A (3x3, computed inside the model), I would like to perform the following operation in a subsystem block:
for i = 1:5
A = 3/2*A-1/2*A*transpose(A)*A
I perfectly know how to perform the various operations (sums, products and transpose), but I don't know how to implement this for loop. What I want is a subsystem which takes as an input A, and gives as an output A orthonormalized iteratively by applying the formula above.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 7 Nov 2020
create a subsystem and use simulink blocks to create your equation inside the subsystem. The subsystem will have one input and one output. OUtside of the subsystem, connect theoutput of the subsystem to the input, with a unit delay to break the loop. Then, put this whole thing inside a for-each subsystem.
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Marco Asperti
Marco Asperti on 7 Nov 2020
But what if I have matrix A (input) computed at each time step of integration in a larger system, and I want to repeat this procedure at each time step? How do I set the initial condition in the Unit Delay, to use the current A as initial value in the for loop at each time step?

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