Flip-Flop simulation

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Beita Iulian
Beita Iulian on 1 Nov 2020
Commented: Beita Iulian on 1 Nov 2020
Hello, I am begginer in using simulink and I want that to simulate how a D flip-flop works. The question is how can i make a variable boolean value for the D-input of flip flop, i tried to use a constant and make it boolean but she stays only in 1 or 0 no switched value.

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stozaki on 1 Nov 2020
Edited: stozaki on 1 Nov 2020
If you just want to switch the boolean value, you can do it with the ManualSwitch block. You can double-click the Manual Switch while running the simulation to switch the values.
However, it is not possible to create complex simulation patterns this way, so I recommend using the FromWorkSpace and Signal Generator blocks.
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Beita Iulian
Beita Iulian on 1 Nov 2020
Thank you very much!

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