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export a matrix from Matlab to SQL with correct ype of variables.

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Dear all,
I have a code that Is attached which the aim is to create a matrix with specific type of variable in each Column.
The code is working perfectly and it is saving the matrix in my data base. However, as you can see in the image below, the type of the variable is missing. For example the id should be real nunbers i.e.[1;2;3;4..]
How can I define this parameter in Matlab? I already tryed to define the first colums as reeal but when I export to SQL it change again.

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Eshaan Shah
Eshaan Shah on 11 Nov 2020
The function sqlwrite provides a way to specify column types when inserting data into a table. Please refer to this example from the sqlwrite doc.
From the example:
tablename = 'toyTable';
coltypes = ["numeric" "numeric" "numeric" "numeric" "varchar(255)"];

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