How to draw a northarrow on a simple plot, and not on a map?

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Sim on 28 Oct 2020
Commented: Sim on 10 Nov 2020
Hi, how can I draw a northarrow on a simple plot, and not on a map?
I would need a northarrow where I can set the traditional plot position as follows (at least the x and y coordinates)
northarrow('position',[x0 y0 width height]);
and not with the default latitude and longitude values
northarrow('latitude', lat, 'longitude', lon);

Accepted Answer

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 30 Oct 2020
The northarrow function works on map axes. You may want to read the annotation documentation to draw an arrow on a simple plot. Refer this link to find a solution to a similar question. To change the appearance and behaviour of the arrow created using annotation, refer this link.
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Sim on 10 Nov 2020
Thanks Alan for your kind reply,
I would then suggest to adapt -if possible - the northarrow to simple plots with such a simple syntax:
northarrow('position',[x0 y0 width height]);
Many thanks,

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