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Vlad on 10 Feb 2013
i m currently working on my master-thesis and using many plots. I write in german so the plots contain sometimes german umlaute, such as ä ö ü. But that doesn t work.
I found out that theres a possibility to specify the interpreter to latex:
title('Example ä ö ü', 'Interpreter','Latex')
But that changes the style, font.... I like to use the Matlab Font, and thats also easier to change.
The i tried
title(['a with umlaut is ' char(228) ])
But unfotunately that doesn t work.
I use Matlab 2012b on Linux Ubuntu 12.04
Is there a simple posibillity to solve the problem ?
Greets Vlad Stoica

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 10 Feb 2013
I dont have Ubuntu but you can try this:
title('Example \"a \"o \"u')
title('Example ä ö ü','Interpreter','none')
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Vlad on 11 Feb 2013
Tanks for the fast answer! Sorry, that doesn t work. The first example, works just if i choose interpreter Latex. And the the font is changed and looks badly.
The second prints instead ä ö ü some strange signs

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