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Deep Learning and Neural Network Implementation

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Suppose i have a trained network:
For example i have declared all other necessary training options and data to be used successfully.
The training was successfully done and i would like to use the "predict" comand on the test samples against the trained network "net"
% Prediction process
Y = predict(net,Xtest);
What will be data output on the variable ''Y'' ?
Is it probability scores?
Note: I have two classes for my training targets.

Answers (1)

Maksym Tymchenko
Maksym Tymchenko on 10 Mar 2023
The variable Y represents the predicted responses. The format and data type of the output Y depends on the type of problem, this can be:
  • A numeric array
  • A categorical array
  • A cell array
By default, for a classification problem, Y contains a matrix of prediction scores (probabilities). If you set the option ReturnCategorical to 1 (true), then the function returns categorical labels instead.


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