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How to obtain an MException in a cleanup function

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Matt on 26 Oct 2020
Edited: Matt on 28 Oct 2020
Hi all,
I've noticed that "lasterror" indicates that it will be obsolete soon, and MException.last indications that it can only be used from the command line. Without using a try/catch construct in the calling/parent function that is being cleaned up, is there any good way to check to see if the calling function being cleaned up generated an error?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Oct 2020
If you want to unconditionally stop in the catch block, add a call to keyboard.
Matt on 28 Oct 2020
Edited: Matt on 28 Oct 2020
Hi Steven, the two needed behaviors (in order of importance) are
1) To unconditionally stop where a crash occurs (or at least in the same workspace), when the crash occurs, the first time the crash occurs. This is doable with dbstop if error if there isn't a try/catch statement. Try catch doesn't support it.*
2) Log exceptions when they occur. Currently the lasterror function allows a flawed but useable implementation of this.
*Try catch doesn't support this because keyboards or rethrows will cause the debugger to stop in the workspace where the try/catch block is, not where the exception originally occured in the users code. dbstop if caught error does nominally supports this, but as I mentioned above its really not useable in its current state because it catches exceptions in the try/catch blocks in built in code.

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