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program will not fit into available memory ".cinit"

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Good Afternoon,
I have a model which is configured to run on a TI 28355 DSP. The model builds without an issue and runs on the DSP.
I am looking at implementing some of the blocks as model references so that they can be individually tested and re-used, however i get the following compilation error
"C:/ProgramData/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2020a/toolbox/target/supportpackages/tic2000/src/c28335.cmd", line 70: error: program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment/blocking fails for section ".cinit" size 0x28a page 0. Available memory ranges: RAML0L3 size: 0x4000 unused: 0x284 max hole: 0x284 error: errors encountered during linking; "../Inverter_Cubicle_Control_ref.out" not built
What is the problem and how would I go about fixing it?

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 2 Nov 2020
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Matthew Orford
Matthew Orford on 4 Nov 2020
Thanks for the response, I can't get the code to replicate the issue currently frustratingly.
The link you have sent should put me down the correct road

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