How can I do extrapolation so that the steady state value if 63% ?

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ch1 =xlsread("lab6.xlsx");
time = ch1(:,1);
voltage = ch1 (:,2);
plot (time,voltage)
xlabel('time (s)')
ylabel('voltage (V)')
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dpb on 25 Oct 2020
Since this is clearly schoolwork given file title it isn't fair to just solve the problem and do your work for you...
What you think would be the way to approach the question? Then how would you think be way to do that in Matlab?
When get stuck on an actual ML Q? in implementing the solution, ask for specific help there...

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 28 Oct 2020
Edited: Shubham Rawat on 28 Oct 2020
Hi Mariam,
You may refer to the extrapolation MATLAB documentaion page for this query.

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