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creating a hist3() plot with already binned data

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I was wondering if anybody could help me with a relatively simple problem that I have creating a plot. I create a 3D histogram using the code below. It bins the data accordingly and then creates the plot.
My question, if I have the data already binned in a 81x121 matrix, what would the code be to create the plot. I need to skip the hist3() part in a way.
I would be grateful if anybody could advise me how to do so.
Thank you
edges = {-4:0.1:4, 0:120}
s = get(gca,'child');
zData = get(s,'zData');
colormap hot;
'zData' ,zData/length(Data),... % normalize frequency
'FaceColor' ,'interp',...
'EdgeColor' ,0.3*[1 1 1],... % make edges visible at all heights
'CDataMode' ,'auto'); % color tops according to height

Answers (2)

the cyclist
the cyclist on 2 Feb 2013
I think you just need the bar3 command. For example,
>> bar3(magic(5))
This is analogous to using bar() to plot the results of a regular histogram.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Feb 2013
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Yelena Bagdasarova
Yelena Bagdasarova on 16 Jul 2018
Edited: Yelena Bagdasarova on 16 Jul 2018
On a related note, here's a method to redraw a histogram of binned data using bin edges and counts:
histogram('BinEdges',[1 2 3 4],'BinCounts',[1 2 3],'DisplayStyle', 'stairs')


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