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Simulink Online window is too small

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The window that appears when using Simulink ONLINE is very small: occupies just a small portion of the screen, unlike the rest of the MATLAB software:
Because of this, many features get blocked/are too small to be operated. The desktop version works fine, but I want to use a specific toolbox, and I cant download it due to internet data constraints.
Is there any option to enlarge Simulink online window, or a fullscreen option?
This enlarges the window, but many features are cut-off from the screen.

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Ketaki Kaduskar
Ketaki Kaduskar on 9 Dec 2020
Click and drag the bottom right corner to expand the Simulink window... I hope this will workout..

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith on 19 Oct 2020
I tried to reproduce the issue but Simulink Online window looks fine for me.
As you mentioned some of the features are blocked I am assuming that the particular feature that you are looking for may not be supported in Simulink online.
Refer to the below link which provides the information about the Specifications and Limitations of Simulink Online.
Hope this helps!
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Chaitanya Joshi
Chaitanya Joshi on 19 Oct 2020
Let me clarify. What I meant by 'blocked' is that the Simulink Online Screen is so small that many of the icons that can be clicked by a mouse are not apperaring in that small window, possibly because the Simulink screen is very small.(As you can see, the Simulink screen is about one-fourth of the whole screen, unlike the MATLAB Online editor, which has the correct size).
Is this because of my screen resolution is 1366x768 ?

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