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I have a device to detect heelstrikes that was used over 20s.
It last recorded the following measurements: 0.5s 1.51s 2.6s 3.65s 4.71s 6.8s 7.9s 9.1s 10.3s 11.1s 12.3s 15s 16.2s 17.3s 18.5s 19.6s
It sometimes misses a heelstrike which is evident when the interval between two measurements is > 1.5s
I want to write a code to generate a list that indicates when the heel strike was missed (0 = missed and 1 = okay)

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Rafael Hernandez-Walls
Rafael Hernandez-Walls on 15 Oct 2020
This may help you
Time=[0.5 1.51 2.6 3.65 4.71 6.8 7.9 9.1 10.3 11.1 12.3 15 16.2 17.3 18.5 19.6];

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