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Set group colors in clustergram dendrogram (programmatically)

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I am using the clustergram function from Bioinformatics Toolbox.
I would like to create custom group colors as shown in the figure (programmatically):
I know that Clustergram GUI allows changing group colors. However, Is there any way to do this from the command line? I need to automate this inside a function.
I have tried the following:
I have changed the ColumnGroupMarker or Dendrogram properties. However, this does not serve my purpose because I need to label specific leaves of the dendrogram (not by tresholding).
I can achieve what I want using the dendrogram function from statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. But this doesnt allow me to display the dendrogram with the heatmap as the Clustergram function does.
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Scott Ronquist
Scott Ronquist on 14 Oct 2020
Would clusterGroup fit your use-case (link to example)? This performs what *Right-click* -> "Set Group Color" does, programatically.

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