How to add an arduino library to Simulink for C-Caller ?

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I am currently trying to connect a BNO080 board to an Arduino Uno via Simulink. I have attempted to do it via i2c in simulink with arduino master read, but unfortunately it does not work. What I am trying to do now is download the sparkfun BNO080 library: Link and utilize it via the c caller block in simulink. I have added the header files, but canoot get it to work because in the header file it requires the "Wiring.h" file. When Ii download that, I need another additional .h file to make "Wiring.h" work etc... Eventually it ends up as an infinite loop, because the majority of these .h files need other .h files.
I have been banging my head against the wall for some bit and I am completely lost. Could someone please help?
Here is how I added the .h file and .cpp file. For the .c file, I have utilized the "Accelerometer.c" file provided in the library mentioned above.
The c-caller function parameters:
An example of one of the many errors I get:
My folder looks like this and the .h amount of files just keeps on increasing...

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 13 Oct 2020
Hi Joncikas,
The recommended way of interfacing sensors to Arduino is by creating a custom block by following the device driver guide.
Please use the following guide to create your own device driver:
Hope this helps!

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