Can only access Write API every >15minutes

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Good day,
I have an application where I write to ThingSpeak every 20 seconds on the Free option. It worked for several months perfectly i.e. getting data to the server every 20 seconds. Since a week or 2 ago, my device tries to send data to the API, but it gets an error now and is only successfully sending data to ThingSpeak approx every > 15 minutes? I am still way within my allowed messages (2500000 of 3000000) and well below the daily messages.
Could someone please let me know what the problem might be?
Please help.

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Vinod on 8 Oct 2020
I suspect something on the device side or the connectivity on the device. Here's how you can confirm:
1) Using your web browser, sign in to ThingSpeak and create a new ThingSpeak channel
2) Use the web browser to update the channel at a rate of once every 15s (see the API keys tab on the new channel for how to do that).
You will see your channel update succeed every 15s.
Once you confirm that, you can use cURL or POSTMAN to make the request and confirm that it works even outside your browser and you can focus on troubleshooting at your device.

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M du Toit
M du Toit on 9 Oct 2020
Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it. I tested with Postman and it worked. I retested with my device and it gave problems. I changed my DNS server IP address, and now it is working every time.
Thanks again for the help.


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