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lstm regression (Initial learning rate and training options)

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Hello everyone,
I have used this code and found an error as shown in the attached screenshot image regarding Intial Learning Rate and Training Options.
Please, help me to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Mohith Kulkarni
Mohith Kulkarni on 8 Oct 2020
The parameter is 'InitialLearnRate' and not 'InitialLearningRate'.
check Solver Options section of the trainingOptions function documentation for more information.
Ahmed Elbeltagi
Ahmed Elbeltagi on 8 Oct 2020
Edited: Ahmed Elbeltagi on 8 Oct 2020
Thanks for your help. It is working. I have received another error (see the attached screenshot). How to solve it.
Waiting for your reply
Mohith Kulkarni
Mohith Kulkarni on 8 Oct 2020
Make sure you are using the right input. I think you are supposed to use trainNetwork(X,Y,layers,Opts) instead of trainNetwork(Y,Y,layers,Opts)

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