How to implement Way Points Follower using Multiple Multirotor in Simulink

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Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali on 2 Oct 2020
Answered: Jianxin Sun on 5 Oct 2020
Greetings Everyone!!!
I want to simulate Way Points following of Multple Multirotors in simulink, My focus is not to implement exact dynamics of Quadcopter UAV but my purpose is to test the WayPoints generated by OPTIMZATION CODE IMPLEMENTED IN MATLAB SCRIPT FILE.
For this i've looked for the already existing examples of simulink and have found many exciting ones. One of which is "Tuning Waypoint Follower for Fixed-Wing UAV" MATLAB command for this example is:
  1. The probelm that i am facing now is that this example is for fixed wings UAV and i want to implement this for Multirotor UAVs (most the blocks used in this example support Multirotor) and when i change the parameter for Multirotor i get an error regaring the Buses used with the UAV Guidance Model.
  2. Secondly this example shows simulation for single Fixed wing UAV and i want to implement this for Multiple Multirotors. I am not sure how to implement this for unknown number of UAVs: Unknown because number of UAVs are decided in the Optimization code, so i want it to be generic.
  3. Lastly how to accomodate mulitple UAVs in animation block?
Kindly guide me!!!

Answers (1)

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 5 Oct 2020
Hi, Hussain,
If you have access to the MATLAB R2020b and UAV Toolbox, you can find example demostrating how to control a multirotor to follow trajectories.
prj = openProject('uavPackageDelivery.prj');
The multirotor position controller is in the subsystem "uavPackageDelivery/Multirotor (MultirotorModel)/Inner Loop and Plant Model/Low-FidelityModel/Position and Acceleration Control". It consists of PID position control, PID velocity control and attitude control.
You can also find more about multirotor trajectory following controller in "Trajectory Generation and Control for Precise Aggressive Maneuvers with Quadrotors." by Mellinger, Daniel, and Nathan Michael.

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