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Can I generate data visualizations like heatmaps on matlabs' site viewer?

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Dear Mathworks,
I noticed you have a very neat tool within antena toolbox for signal propagation: site viewer. Actually I only need the 3D buildings display capability in order to visualize various geographical data relating to the same region. My questions is: can you use the site viewer to include various 3D visualizations ovelaid on the surface like heatmaps, colour contour plots etc. I noticed contours are possible to be shown via coverage function but can I somehow display my own contour plot over the site viewer focussed region?
If not do you see any other way to visualize (osm-extracted) 3D buildings together with contour plots over navigatable map in Matlab?
Appreciate your help
Dymitr Ruta

Answers (1)

Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 28 Sep 2020
Try the propagationData function. Using propagationData and its contour function, you can load custom data into the data object and plot custom contours on the map (such as those generated by the coverage function) using your own data.
I recommend looking at the examples in the above doc links to get started.


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