different cdf plot produced by 2 different code

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I created 2 plots below using the same data but different code. Could anybody explain to me why the cdf plot (red line) in the top plot does not match the bottom plot.
The bottom plot is the correct plot (I think).
binneddata = histc(data,bin) ./ length(data);
[y2,x2] = ecdf(data);
plotyy(bin, binneddata, x2, y2, @(x,y)bar(x,y,1,'c'), 'stairs')
[y2,x2] = ecdf(data);
[y1,x1] = hist(data);

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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 24 Jan 2013
When I try your commands after
data = 150 + 10*randn(200,1);
bin = 100:10:250;
I get the same cdf curve in the two figures. If you type
which stairs
do you see the one that is part of MATLAB or is there another one hanging around?
Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 25 Jan 2013
If I run my three lines of code, then your code with a "figure(2)" inserted before the second plotting command, I see both plots having (x=149.6995,y=0.5) on the blue curve. They look this way by eye and they show these values if I turn on the data cursor.
Notice that the two y axes on the same figure share the same x axis. You did substantial customization of the display. Could any of this have caused the x ticks for blue curve not to display, and to be different from the ones for the histogram? That's my only idea. Perhaps you can provide more code to reproduce both figures exactly and illustrate the problem.

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