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Modelling Open Circuit Test of Single Phase Transformer using Simulink

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I am trying to model the open and short circuit tests using Simulink but certain blocks and objects are missing. For example, when I search for "transformer," I get a message saying that there are no results for transformer. The version of Simulink I am using was installed along with Matlab R2020A. How can I either add blocks/objects or download a version of Simulink appropriate for modelling electrical circuits and thermodynamics lab experiments?

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Mohith Kulkarni
Mohith Kulkarni on 21 Sep 2020
You will have to install Simscape and Simscape electrical from the simulink add-on explorer to access the transformer blocks.
Simscape™ also provides libraries for modelling thermodynamic systems. Here's the link to Simscape Documentation:
Here's the link to Simscape electrical Documentation:


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