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Copy files, save the content, and change files name from code

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Andre Tahmassian
Andre Tahmassian on 18 Sep 2020
Commented: Andre Tahmassian on 18 Sep 2020
I have about 10,000 dat files when I have thier names saved in a cell array, lets call this cell array A.
I also have another cell array with another group names which I call them cell array B in here.
I wish to copy those files into a different director when I have save the content of the files as they are, change their name with names from cell array B. For example:
Cell_Array_A = ['A1','A2', ....];
folder : ***/A/A1.dat , A2.dat, A3.dat , ...
NEW FOlder ***/B/B1.dat, B2.dat, B3.dat, ... when all I have from names are in cell array only. ( Cell_Array_B = ['B1','B2', ....];


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Answers (2)

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 18 Sep 2020
From your question i assume the names in cell array are without the extensions.
ext = '.dat';
folderA = 'C:\somefolder\A';
folderB = 'C:\someotherfolder\B';
status = cellfun(@(a,b)copyfile(fullfile(folderA,[a ext]),fullfile(folderB,[b ext])),Cell_Array_A,Cell_Array_B);


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Andre Tahmassian
Andre Tahmassian on 18 Sep 2020
Dear Mohammad,
By appreciating your kind help, I wish to let you know that I want to create actual files and this does not give me the option yet. I am not sure but I do not see any files to be created yet. I am relatively novice matlab coder so it looks different.


Andre Tahmassian
Andre Tahmassian on 18 Sep 2020
Indeed but creating identical files with different names following different cell array names

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