Given that t is in increments 0.1 and goes from 0 to 20, how can I make a variable that consists of 5t^2?

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First I made x as:
>> t = 0:0.1:20
I have tried numerous ways to get a variable consisting of 5t^2 and have the same result. It ends up generating a 1x201 row vector with values from 0 to 2.
I believe it is only multiplying 5 by the 0.1 increment but not the actual values. Any solutions?

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Answers (1)

David Hill
David Hill on 14 Sep 2020
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Tyler Bodnarik
Tyler Bodnarik on 14 Sep 2020
For some reason its not giving me what 5t^2 should be. It keeps giving me a 1x201 row vector with values 0 to 2. It should have all the values of t get squared and multiplied by 5.

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