Error 429 for Bulk Update Data using JSON Document: Too Many Requests

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I have been trying to Bulk Update Data on Thingspeak Cloud Platform through JSON Documents. In Free Version, I was able to post data (posting interval) after every 15s, and data was being collected every second, so 15 timestamps. Now, I have bought the Student Version for an 1 year subscription. I bought only 1 unit since it will suffice my purpose, it should. Now, I am confused due to some issues occured:
  • I want to post bulk data every 1 second in Thingspeak, is it possible with the paid version? Or it is always 15 seconds?
  • Can I make the timestamp/data uploading rate into the JSON Document i.e. 'delta_t' less than 1 second?
I am getting too many requests (HTTP Error Code: 429) error if I try to post and/or upload data faster than the above mentioned limits. Then what is the benefit of the paid version? I want the plot refresh rate to be 1 second but it is still refreshing slower. How can I solve these issues? Expecting fast help from experts.

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Vinod on 14 Sep 2020
Edited: Vinod on 14 Sep 2020
Please refer to the documentation for Bulk Update endpoint, specifically "The number of messages in a single bulk-update is limited to 960 messages for users of free accounts and 14,400 messages for users of paid accounts. The time interval between sequential bulk-update calls should be 15 seconds or more.". You need to send in bulk_updates spaced every 15 seconds or more, and each bulk update can contain less than 14,400 messages.
If you want to send data every second, use the update endpoint. Note that in either case, the timestampe of the data stored on ThingSpeak is currently limited to 1s resolution.
Vinod on 14 Sep 2020
If you have a paid license, you can have the plot update up to every 1 second. Click on the pencil icon on the plot and you can set it to update every 1s.

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