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How to get rid of two consecutive double quotes from my string?

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Surama Biswas
Surama Biswas on 11 Sep 2020
Commented: Surama Biswas on 11 Sep 2020
I have pasted some data from R into one of my Matlab variable. Here, I have a string enclosed with two double quotes e.g ""0110001010001001001011"". Due to these two quotes the length of the string is showing as 1. My objective is to place each bit of the string as an array element. And then convert it into numeric. Directly applying str2num on the exaple gives the result as 1.1000e+20 which does not serve my purpose.


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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 11 Sep 2020
if true
% remove double quotes
somestr = regexprep(somestr,'"','');
Numarray = char(somestr) - '0';

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Surama Biswas
Surama Biswas on 11 Sep 2020
Deletion of double quotes does not solve the original problem. I delted double quotes using
newStr = strip(str, 'both', '"');
But still the length of newStr is 1 and I can't seperate individual bits out of that. Please help me place each bit as an array element.

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